What is Ezoic Access Now?

Ezoic Access Now lets sites with under 10 thousand monthly visits access the full potential of the Ezoic platform, including their highly-rated monetization program.

For those that aren’t even aware of what Ezoic offers, previously to sites getting over ten thousand monthly visits signing up with Ezoic would get you:

  • AI Powered Monetization – On average, sites that swap over to Ezoic see between a 50% to a 250% growth in revenue.
  • Deep Insights – Ezoic goes beyond traditional analytics providing detailed data about user experience and revenue.
  • Speed Improvements – Using their LEAP platform, Ezoic users can optimize their page-speed and loading times.

Can I sign up to Ezoic with less than 10k visits?

Previously, Ezoic used to require all websites to have a minimum monthly visitor count of 10,000. Thanks to Ezoic Access Now, all publishers can now grow their site and revenue.

Any website that complies with the basic ad policy available on their website is eligible to join Access Now.

What features do I get with Ezoic Access Now?

To best prepare you and your site for success, Access Now introduced three short courses. Completion of these badges earns you access to features.

  • Basic Badge – Earnt upon completion of the basic courses when signing up. Includes configuring your website to use Ezoic’s tools.
  • Monetization Badge – Unlocking the Monetization badge allows you access to the same monetization features that everyone loves.
  • Speed Badge – Unlocks LEAP, a platform for tracking and improving your Core Web Vitals.

How much can I earn with Ezoic Access Now?

Once you’ve completed your Monetization course, you’ll have access to all monetization features on Ezoic. On average using Ezoic, publisher revenue grows 236% in just six months.

As Ezoic’s monetization platform ties in with top ad exchanges including Google, you don’t have to worry about ‘replacing’ AdSense. You can actually link your AdSense (and other) accounts, to mediate and compete to generate you the most revenue.

The best part about Ezoic Access Now is you can instantly start improving your earnings, compared to AdSense or any other ad networks you may be using. Once you complete your monetization bad, you can start using Ezoic’s AI powered intelligent ad placement, to improve your EPMV (earnings per milli visitors).

Screenshots from Ezoic's Revenue Insights and Analytics
Ezoic’s platform allows you to track your analytics while integrating your revenue stats, giving you a better understanding of your sites monetization.

Should I sign up for Ezoic Access Now?

If you have any traffic at all, I’d highly recommend signing up for Ezoic Access Now. While you may not be earning a large amount of revenue with low traffic, there is other benefits. Giving the AI powered intelligent ad placement more data on the quantity, quality and demographics of your traffic can help it optimize your ads. This way, as your site grows, your earnings will grow exponentially with your traffic.

If you’re just starting off a fresh blog or site, I’d recommend working on your content and site layout for at least a few weeks, until you start seeing traffic.

Make sure to keep an eye on Our Ezoic Journey to follow along with our journey on Ezoic!

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